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Site updated 08.06.16

Welcome to the Welsh and West of England Bullmastiff Society web site. This is a Society with a long history and a great future, we hope that this site will be useful to our members and a useful source of information for anyone with an interest in the breed.

If you are about to become the owner of a Bullmastiff, or if you already have one,

why not join the Society? There are Shows held throughout the year,you don't have to take part, just come along and enjoy a day out chatting to other people who love the breed.

If you are looking for information on purchasing a puppy please contact your nearest located Committee Member (see Committee page) who should be able to point you in the direction of members litters within their area. Alternatively,

why not consider giving a home to a rescued Bullmastiff ?

Here is the link to RESCUE



                        Members of the Welsh and West Bullmastiff Society will always

                         make their principle aim, the well being of the Bullmastiff and do all in

                         their power to further the best interests of the breed, ahead of

                           financial reward,personal advancement and social relationships.The

                           needs of the dogs must always come FIRST, especially in health and welfare matters. All club or society activities are to be based on the desire of each and every individual member to leave the breed of the Bullmastiff in better shape than when they started in the breed.This desire demands the unselfish commitment of every club or society member to the best interests of the dogs. Secondly, members are to strive to ensure that the breed of Bullmastiff benefits from scientific advice and progress so that healthier dogs with sound temperaments are bred.

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