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Welsh and West of England Bullmastiff Society

Open Show September 2010
Judge: Mrs Christina Heath



I would like to thank the Officers and Committee for inviting me to Judge the

Autumn Open Show. It was lovely to receive such a warm welcome and the

hospitality was wonderful.With a real quality entry I was spoilt for choice when

itcame to the top awards, so thank you to the exhibitors for providing me

with such lovely dogs.



Class 1.   Veteran Dog or Bitch    entries 5  absent 3


1. 57 Murbisa Rocky of Allwatcha – 8 year old brindle dog. Strong head with good pigment,

correct ears and dark eye. Nice straight front with tight feet and good bone. In lovely

condition and moved well. Best Veteran

2. 28 Tiraslee Cynan – Fawn dog, 7 years old and full of enthusiasm. Correct head proportions

with good bite. Compact body with good rear angulation. A little boisterous on the move and

needed to settle to show what he could do.


Class 2.   Minor Puppy Dog    entries 2  absent 2


1. 5 Sundabish Mr Choo – Hard to resist this eye catching youngster. Beautiful head, dark eye

and just the right amount of wrinkle to produce a lovely expression. Nice front with good

bone,sufficient rear angulation, moved and handled well. Should have a promising future.

2. 46 Merignac howz about it for Phoria – Nice head which needs time to develop, dark eye

and good pigment. Good reach of neck set into well placed shoulders and strong straight front.

Good bone and correct feet. Compact, pleasing body, moved well.


Class 3.  Puppy Dog     entries 4  absent 2  


1. 62  Prioryvalley Zorro – Big strapping 11 month fawn puppy. Strong head with broad flat skull

and good stop, adequate pigment with nice dark eye. Massive bone with substance right through.

This boywas full of fun and needed time to settle, but moved with purpose when under control.

Needs to gain a little more height to give a balanced picture.

2. 19  Afon taff lad – 11 month old red with head developing nicely, good pigment and correct

ear set. Good front and shoulder placement,pleasing outline when stacked. Moved nicely.


Class 4.  Junior Dog     entries 2  absent 1


1. 6  Oldwell Marshall – I loved this boy, stood alone in the class but a quality dog and a worthy

winner. Fawn, with lovely balanced head, dark eye,good mouth, correct wrinkle with nice

expression. Good reachof neck, well laid back shoulder, and plenty of bone. Moved out well

and showed his socks off till the end. Best Puppy and Reserve Best Dog.

Class 5. Special Yearling Dog    entries 4  absent 0


1. 17  Flintstock play it again – Young red dog with a happy, outgoing attitude. Nice square

head, dark eye,good ear set and correct pigment. Well balanced body just needing to mature.

Lovely effortless movement which secured him the class.

2. 40  Wyburn ynot Wallis – Lots to like about this boy. Impressive head with nice proportions.

Compact body,with a good front and nice rear angulation. Would prefer more cover. Full of

fun and gave his handler a hard time, but when under control he moved with typical drive.

3. 16  Nashbank Gryffydd


Class 6. Post Graduate Dog    entries 4  absent 3


1. 61 Optimus Gallileo of Molosser – Nice head with dark eye, good ear set, correct proportions

and pigment.Nice straight front with good tight feet. Stood alone in the class, but gave a polished

performance, moved well and deserved his place. Lots more to come from this lad as he matures

and fills his frame.


Class 7.  Limit Dog      entries 5  absent 4


1. 47 Melclassics blazing gold for Phoria – Red dog with pleasing head and expression, good mouth.

Nicely balanced with good topline on the move.Although alone in the class a worthy winner.


Class 8.  Open Dog     entries 3  absent 1


1. 53 Ch Casameyer dark saxon of Copperfield JW – What a treat to have this boy entered. Fabulous

head with perfect proportions, dark eye,and good ear set with correct pigment. Good mouth and

lovely typicalexpression. Beautiful straight front with good tight feet, nicely balanced front to rear

with compact body and correct tail set. Nothing exaggerated about this lad and he moved with

workmanlike precision. Very pleased to award him Best Dog and Best in Show.

2. 30  Pi-et-ra Rio of Trefilio at Optimus – Strong head with wide skull, good pigment, dark eye

and correctear set. Very compact body givingthe impression of strength, nice front with excellent

bone. Held good level topline on the move and powered round the ring with style.


Class 9.  Minor Puppy Bitch    entries 6  absent 2


1. 4  Sundabish Suzi Wong – 8 month old fawn bitch with real stage presence. Lovely outline when

stacked,with feminine head of correct proportions, dark eye, and good pigment. Good reach of

neck, good front, shoulder placement and rear angulation. Needs to settle on the move, but this

did not spoil the overall picture.Handled well and sympathetically.

2. 58  Jaynos English rose of Allwatcha – Lovely head on this young brindle bitch. Dark eye, good

mouth, pigment and nice expression.Super straight front with good tight feet. Moved well, but

body needs to mature to balance.

3. 59  Flintstock fallen angel


Class 10.  Puppy Bitch     entries 3  absent 1


1. 7  Oldwell silver dollar – Litter sister to the RBD and not for a moment in his shadow, this girl

was oozing quality. Lovely outline when stacked, with typical head and expression, good reach

of neck, good bone, short coupled with correct angles. Lovely easy movement for one so young.

Reserve Best Puppy.

2. 26  Chalfs Stacey – Good sized fawn bitch maturing nicely. Strong head with dark eye, deep

muzzle, strongpigment and good ear set. Square frame with good bone and nice angles.

Moved well.


Class 11.  Junior Bitch     entries 4  absent 2


1. 15  Stoneside precious one at Elmbullore – Red bitch with nice head of good proportions.

Good mouth with deep muzzle. Strong, short coupled body with plenty of bone and substance.

Moved out well and held a level topline.

2. Melize red Sonje – Young red bitch with plenty more growing to do. Head a little lacking in

definition,but wrinkle there when called for. Good balance between front and rear and moved

well when settled.


Class 12.  Special Yearling Bitch    entries 2  absent 0


1. 18  Bullproof Bertha by Flintstock – Striking head with correct proportions, perfect pigment,

wideflat muzzle and a lovely expression.Good shoulder placement and rear angulation with

good tail set and level topline. Moved well.

2. 8   Oldwell Dorothea – Fawn bitch of good size. Nice head, but would have preferred more

stop. Good mouth and dark eye, good pigment.Nice front with good shoulder placement and

rear angulation.Strong ground covering movement.


Class 13. Post Graduate Bitch     entries 3  absent 1


1. 21  Jacmaly checkout chic for Gertlush – Nice cobby red bitch. Square from all angles with

Good bone and substance. Lovely front with excellent feet, nicely balanced body which came

through on the move. Very strong head with correct proportions but would have preferred a

little less wrinkle, otherwise could have gone further.

2. 32  Snetts ruby enchantment – Nice head with good pigment. Short coupled with good rear

angulation. Didn’t seem very cheerful,but moved well.


Class 14. Limit Bitch      entries 5  absent 2


1. 9  Oldwell New Yorker – Pale fawn with lovely dark eye, nice ear set, correct pigment and

Good mouth. Plentyof bone and substance but still very feminine. Lovely rear angulation,

moved with ease.

2. 54  Copperfield Rubina Buffle – Could easily have changed places with 1 just lost out on

attitude. Lovely feminine head with perfect proportions. Short coupled body with good reach

of neck, good bone and nice angles all round to make for a pleasing picture. Moved well.

3. 26  Chalfs Stacey


Class 15. Open Bitch      entries 5  absent 2


1. 39  Wyburn Terable – Loved this girls attitude, full of fun, but ready to work when asked.

Super head with just the right amount of wrinkle, perfect proportions and good pigment.

Short coupled and cobby with good shoulder placement and rear angulation. Covered the

ground with ease and I’m sure she could have worked all day.

Best Bitch and Reserve Best in Show

2. 55 World/Int/Hun CH PI-ET-RA Pandora of Trefilio – Red bitch with lovely sound

construction. Very strong head but would have preferred a touch less wrinkle. Strong square

outline, in lovely condition, beautifully balanced. Moved well with good

topline, only just lost out to 1. Reserve Best Bitch

3. 56  Jenmore sugar crystal of Allwatcha


Class 16  Mulorna Special Open Stakes   entries 7  absent 3


1.   6   Oldwell Marshell

2.   7   Oldwell silver dollar

3. 21   Jacmaly checkout chic for Gertlush


Class 17 Welsh and West of England Special Open Stakes entries 2 absent 0


1. 21 Jacmaly checkout chic for Gertlush

2. 56 Jenmore sugar crystal of Allwatcha



Class 18 Special Beginners Dog or Bitch  entries 3  absent 2


1. 26 Chalfs Stacey

Class 19  Brace     entries 3   absent 0


1. 53   Warren

2.   8   Colliass

3. 57   White





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