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Welsh and West of England Bullmastiff Society

Open Show January 2012
Judge: Mr Robin Newhouse


Judge: Mr Robin Newhouse (Annecy)

Best in Show & Best Dog: Chalfs Mr Bubbalove
Res Best in Show & Best Bitch: Chalfs Victoria's Secret
Res Best Dog: Optimus Galileo of Molosser
Res Best Bitch: Talbadan's Bucksfizz at Torreyabloom

Best Puppy in show: Talbadan's Bucksfizz at Torreyabloom
Res Best Puppy in Show: Old Manilla's Whisky Mac for Optimus

Best Veteran in Show: Wyburn Terable

Veteran 3 entries 1 abs
1 Wyburn Terable
2 Chanerin Harmony of Licassa

Minor Puppy Dog 1 entry
1 Old Manilla's Whisky Mac for Optimus

Puppy Dog 4 entries 2 abs
1 Lynchpride Maximus Mateo
2 Oldwell Devon

Junior Dog 5 entries 1 abs
1 Chalfs Mr Bubbalove
2 Phoria's Hades
3 French Lover Des Hauts De Gaumont of Copperfield (imp)
4 Boust's Gunner of Oldwell

Special Yearling Dog 3 entries 1 abs
1 Saturnspring Ankka
2 Heriol Tickets Please to Gardavie

Post Graduate Dog 3 entries 2abs
1 Phoria's Apollo

Limit Dog 5 entries 3abs
1 Optimus Galileo of Molosser
2 Torreyablooms Northern Light

Open Dog 3 entries 1 abs
1 Oldwell Ike
2 Licassa Captain Fenn at Achatesbay

Minor Puppy Bitch 4 entries 1 abs
1 Per Aspera Ad Astra Is Dvariskiu Von Guardmoore (imp)
2 Elmbullore Talula Dark Lady
3 Evigilo's Dolce

Puppy Bitch 8 entries
1 Talbadans Bucksfizz at Torreyabloom
2 Lynchpride Sulis
3 Torreyabloom It's No Joke
4 Achatesbay Stupid Cupid of Licassa
5 Achatesbay Miss Venus

Junior Bitch 6 entries 1 abs
1 Chalfs Victorias Secret
2 Eternalpride Diorissimo
3 Boust's Graya
4 Phoria's Starry Eyed
5 Anneddwen Affinity for Gertlush

Special Yearling Bitch 2 entries 1 abs
1 Achatesbay Miss Aphrodite of Licassa

Post Graduate Bitch 5 entries 1 abs
1 Chalfs Miss Chevious
2 Guardmoore High Definition
3 Stoneside Precious One at Elmbullore
4 Oldwell Dorothea

Limit Bitch 8 entries 2 abs
1 Jaynos English Rose of Allwatcha
2 Heriol Ticketyboo Par Deux avec Staxonby
3 Jacmaly Checkout Chic for Gertlush ShCM
4 Heriol Just The Ticket
5 Phoria's Zsa Zsa

Open Bitch 8 entries 2 abs
1 Jessyjack Bodelicious Girl from Torreyabloom
2 Sundabish Dior at Achatesbay
3 Optimus Scarlet
4 Jenmore Sugar Crystal of Allwatcha
5 Oldwell New Yorker
6 CH Rosco's Hope Diamond


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