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Welsh and West of England Bullmastiff Society

Champ Show May 2012
Judge: Mr Clive Smith


I would like to thank the officers, committee, stewards and

            exhibitors for a thoroughly enjoyable day. The sun shone, the rain

            stopped and the atmosphere at the show was excellent. I was

            fortunate to have 116 entries to choose from and I enjoyed every

            minute. I do not subscribe to those that suggest the Bullmastiff

            breed is in decline. I was particularly encouraged by the quality of

            the younger Bullmastiffs with some super young pups and Juniors

            that, in my opinion, are at good if not better than I have seen in

            many years and I was more than pleased with my principal winners who

            I feel have the quality to more than hold their own at Group level

            in any general Championship Sow. A look at the final line up in both

            dog and bitches shows that we have some fine examples of the breed

            with some excellent prospects bursting through.

            VD. 1. White's,

            Murbisa Rocky of Allwatcha. 9 and a half years old dark brindle dog

            in lovely condition. His coat gleamed. Correct proportions, good

            bone. Moved around the ring like a dog half his age. A credit to his

            owner. BVIS.

           MPD. 1. Moseley's, Shadowguard Evolved. 7 months old

            quality red youngster. Excellent head proportions, dark eye and good

            ear placement. Ample bone. Strong front. Good lay of shoulders. Good

            rear angulation and bend of stifle. A fine young prospect.

            2. Richards and Crawford's, Shadowguard Havoc. Another quality

            youngster. Litter brother to winner and slightly bigger. Fawn dog.

            Good square head with correct proportions with all the qualities of

            winner. Clearly enjoyed himself but lacked a little bit of ring

            craft, otherwise nothing to choose between them.

            3. Williams and Pratt's, Optimus Harlem.

            PD. 1. Myers', Old Manila's Whiskey Mac for Optimus. 10 months old top

           quality fawn dog. Dark eye, square head, good ear carriage. Strong front,

           plenty of bone and well up to size.Even topline leading to strongly built

            well angulated hindquarters.Would have preferred him slightly shorter in

           back but really moved well for such a young boy. I'm sure this is one to

           watch. Happy to award BPIS

           2. McGroarty and Wallace's, Ardhub Omigosh. 10 months old red dog

            smaller than winner but of good substance. Nice square head. Short back.

           Strong hindquarters. Well angulated and moved with purpose. Would have

           preferred a bit more muzzle length.

            3. Foster's,Lareto of Letui.

           JD. 1. Garforth's, Moobull Lasting Legacy. Just over 12 months old clear fawn.

           Strong head complimented with nice dark muzzle. Strong straight front. Nice

           rear angulation, width of flank and a high tail set. Still up at the back but I

            expect him to level up as he matures. A very nice Junior.

           2. Morgan's, Tiraslee Jacksonville. 13 months old fawn. Smaller than winner.

           Good strong square head. Good reach of neck. Strong straight front. Compact.

            Moved positively and freely. Bit out of coat.

           3. Lynch's,Lynchspride Maximus Mateo.

            DEBUT D 1. McDougall's, Saturnsprings Ankaa. 23 months old red of good size

           and substance. Stong square head, well set ear carriage. Good arch of neck and

           well set shoulders. Deep broad chest. Good topline and tail set. Strong

            hindquarters with a pleasing profile. A really nice balanced dog that showed

          well and moved around the ring with purpose. Pleased to give him RCC.

          2. Foster's, Lareto of Letui.

           SYD 1. Slater's, Chalfs Mr Bubbalove. Quality brindle with a good square head

           and strong square muzzle, almond shaped dark eye. Good lay of shoulder and

           spring of rib. Muscular hindquarters with good rear angulation which he used

          well on the move as he moved freely around the ring.

           2.Cole's, Licassa Kublia Khan of Alwencourt. Fawn boy. Strong square head.

          Nice front. Compact in the body. Muscular hindquarters with good rear

           angulation. Moved well. Very little to split first and second. I liked them both.

          3. Mangat's, Chalfs Nenru of Nehrani.

           PGD. 1. Thomas's, Phoria's Hades. Brindle. Good strong square head of correct            proportions, correct ear carriage. Strong straight front.Good spring of rib.

           Good strong hindquarters. Correct tail set but a tad short. Moved well.

           LD. 1. Simpson's, Pleats Apolo the Son. Red boy. Nicely proportioned and well

          balanced with a pleasing square head, good mouth with good width of muzzle.

          Good lay of shoulder. Strong straight front. Well let down chest with good

           spring of rib. Even topline. Moved ok.

          2. Warren, Singleton and Wright's, French Lover Des Hauts de Gaumont of

          Copperfield. Red dog larger than winner with a strong square head, dark almond

          shaped eye, broad muzzle and well filled cheeks. Deep broad chest and substantial

           bone. Good spring of rib and powerful hindquarters. Topline not as good as winner.

          3. Baines's, Torryabloom Northern Light.

          OD. 1. McGroaty's, Ch. Ardhub Shuda Been Black. For me the outstanding dog

           of the show. Red dog in top show condition. Powerfully built and symmetrical,

          yet balanced. Excellent square head, level bite with good dentition and broad

          wide underjaw, well filled cheeks. Powerful neck leading to good lay of shoulders.            Strong straight front. Level topline. Compact n the body and well let down chest

          with good spring of rib. Muscular strong rear quarters with correct angulation. He

           really drove off the back legs and I couldn't fault the movement. Pleased to award

          CC and BOB.

           2, Stockman's, Ch. Arrancraig the Bruce at Trebrad. Another quality red dog.

           Strong square head, dark eye, good pigment and great expression. Good bone and            substance with a broad deep chest. Nice spring of rib and well developed powerful

           hindquarters although not quite the angulation of winner. Moved very well.

          3. Tottle's, Enmore the Dictator for Totbull.


           VB. 1. Warren and Singleton's, Wonderbulls Accroche-Voeur of Copperfield.

           8 year old with good head, mouth and strong front. Plenty of rear angulation.

          Moved really well for her age. A credit to her owners.

           2. Bown and Wilfort's, Sundabish Lady La Roux. 8 years old red. Good head and

          front. Another free moving veteran and a joy to watch.

           MPB. 1. Warren and Singleton's, Optimus Alcia of Copperfield. I loved this young

          brindle bitch. Not the tallest but at 6 months old she has lots of time to grow. She

          has the most wonderful shape, lovely square head and muzzle, dark eye, correct ear            carriage and a beautiful expression. Good shoulders and a broad deep chest. Perhaps

           a tad too much white on her chest but a minor point nevertheless.Compact in the

           body. Good level topline and excellent hindquarters and tail set. Moved well for a

           baby. This really is one to watch for the future. A close call for BPIS but pleased to            award RBPIS.

           2. McGroarty's, Ardhub She's It'n a Bit. 7 months old quality red youngster. Excellent            head proportions, dark eye and good ear placement. Ample bone. Strong front. Good

          lay of shoulders. Good rear angulation and bend of stifle. Moved well. Outshone on the            day by winner but I'm sure this pup will do her share of winning.

          3.Slater's, Ardhub About the Girl with Chalfs.

          PB. 1. Self's, Sparkling Dream. Fawn girl 11 months old. Well up to size with good

           bone and substance. Strong head and muzzle with a good front. Chest deep and

          broad. Good spring of rib with powerful hindquarters and good rear angulation.

           Good movement

          2. Self's, Truly Scrumptious. Clear fawn girl and litter sister to winner. Like two peas

          in a pod with little or nothing to split them. If I'm being picky, perhaps a little bit less            substance then winner.

           3. McGroarty's, Ardhub Fancy a Fumble.

         JB. 1. Colliass's, Oldwell Eclipse. Quality Junior of 17 months. I liked this one a lot.

           Good strong square head, nice expression. Good shoulder lay and overall body shape

           and substance.Strong hindquarters. Moved well. Has great potential.

          2. Cole's, Alwencourt Wild Rose. Elegant bitch. Nicely proportioned square head, well

          set ear carriage and lovely expression. Well arched neck and a good lay of shoulder.

          Well developed hindquarters. Unlucky to come second in what was a very strong, high           quality class.

          3. Crook and Gamble's, Achatesbay Miss Venus.

          SYB. 1. Slater's, Chalfs Miss Chevious. Good head shape, pigment, mouth and nice dark           eye. Well balanced body. Good rear angulation. Moved really well. Was a pleasure to

          go over.

         2. Trim's, Eternalpride Diorissimo. Powerfully built red bitch. Good pigmentation,

         dark eye with good width and depth of chest. Strong straight front and well muscled.           Moved well holding her topline.

          3. Baines's, Torreyabloom It's No Joke.

         PGB. 1. Slater's, Chalfs Victoria's Secret. Red girl and litter sister to SYD winner and

         SYB winner which is a credit to the breeder in breeding such consistency. Well           proportioned head, good pigment,dark almond shaped eye giving a lovely expression.           Straight front with good bone. Well let down chest. Good spring of rib and compact

          with a powerful rear. Moved well. Great potential.

         2. Young's,Cafrajam's Destiny. Nice red bitch with strong head type, dark eye and

          correct ear carriage. Good arch of neck and good lay of shoulder. Even topline, short

         back. Hindquarters well muscled but not as strong in movement as winner.

         3. Owen's, Snetts Ruby Enchantment.

          LB. 1. McGroarty's, Ardhub Black is Back. Powerfully built brindle.Large square head,           correct ear carriage, super mouth. Well arched neck with a broad deep chest and

         good bone. Good shoulder lay, an even topline and compact in body. Correct tail

          set with powerful well angulated hindquarters and moved well. Pushed hard for top           honours.

          2. White's, Jaynos English Rose of Allwatcha. Brindle with a super head of correct           proprortions and lovely expression. Good shoulder placement. Level topline. Good

         spring of rib, ample bone. Very elegant bitch. Moved really well.

         3. Thomas's, Heriol Just the Ticket.

          OB. 1. Bown and Wilfort's, Sundabish Suzi Wong. Elegant red girl of excellent quality.           Good head, ear carriage and strong muzzle. Good arch of neck with excellent lay of           shoulder. Good spring of rib. Well let down chest with good forefront. Powerful

          hindquarters with good bend of stifle and width of flank. Excellent rear angulation.           Movement was very good indeed with drive off the back legs and great extension in

         the shoulder. Pleased to award CC and RBIS.

          2. Myers', Optimus Scarlett. Excellent brindle bitch and mother to Minor Puppy bitch           winner. Lovely square shape with a broad square head and muzzle, deeep set dark

          eyes and correct ear carriage giving a wonderful expression. A good arch of neck,

         strong straight front. Good spring of rib. Level topline. Muscular hindquarters with

          correct angulation. Moved well. Came close to CC but pleased to award RCC.

          3. Baines's, Jessy Jack Bodelicious Girl from


            Clive Smith (Jalanath)















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