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Welsh and West of England Bullmastiff Society

Open Show January 2013
Judge: Mr Dave Weller (Evad)

A very pleasing entry of 63 dogs, although the entry as depleated a little by

the weather condition I was glad to be forewarned that judging took place

outside, as wellie boots and an overcoat was the order of the day. A cold wind

persisted throughout and as I reached SYB, we had to retreat inside as a heavy

squall and rain made it impossible to continue outside. The conditions inside

were somewhat cramped and with a suspended wooden floor one could understand why

judging took place outside. As movement was a problem for the dogs and it is

possible my placings could have been different once I had finished the bitch

classes it was now sunny and dry, so continued for BB and BIS outside.

V. (5,1). 1. Chalfs Laid Back Ruby. Lovely head pattern, dark eye, correct masking giving

desired expression. Good straight front. Nice length of neck into well laid back

shoulders. Level topline held on the move. Well muscled rear quarters giving the

desired drive on the move. Quality bitch. BV and RBB.

2. Ch. Sundabish Lady La Roux JW. Another quality bitch. Has a super head and eye. Well muscled neck of good length. Straight front. Good bone. Nice overall proportions and moved well.

Just felt her topline could be firmer.

3. Atlantia Changes at Trebrad JW.

MP. (2). 1. Allwatcha Bronzite. Just 6 months old and very raw. Enjoying his day out.

Pleasing head, proportions correct, dark eye. Nice front. Well placed shoulders.

A little erratic on the move but should develop into a nice Bullie.

2. Allwatcha Aragohite. Litter brother to winner and much the same remarks apply.

Both very promising puppies and could well change places later. Difficult to

assess movement on the day. Just wanted to play.

PD. (3). 1. Sundabish by Cooper. I think this puppy is quite outstanding. He has a beautiful profile

outline. Super neck, well made front. Good firm level topline. Well angled rear

quarters and enough bone for size. Has a lovely head pattern proportionately,

correct dark eye, good masking and desired expresion. As his construction

suggested he moved extremely well with terrific drive from rear. BPIS. One to


2. Hyerdunscar Downunder. 10 months old. Another nice puppy. Head handles

well. Dark eye. Good neck and shoulder. Slightlu shorter in back than winner and

not quite the topline. Moved very well but flew the flag somewhat.

3. Carminway's Got It Goin On.

JD. (3,1). 1. Trebrad Swagger Jagger. Another well made fawn. Good strength of head without being course. Just out of puppy. Good neck and shoulder. Well muscled rear. Appeared to dip slightly in topline standing but ok on the move.

2. Trebrad Eye to Eye at Ceetee. Red of nice type. Shorter in back. Good head and eye. Straight front. Not the movement of winner.

SYD. (1). 1. Oldwell Devon. A young fawn that should have a bright future. Built

on the same lines as my BP. Not a large dog but within the standard. Lovely

head, dark eye. Good neck and shoulder. Straight front. Firm level topline. Very

well made hindquarters. Lovely angulation to stifle. He moved with terrific

drive from rear and good reach in front. Should have a bright future. RBD.

PGD. (2). 1. Oldwell Essex. Litter brother to my previous class winner. Same head

pattern, dark eye. Good neck. Straight front. Level topline. Has not got as good

a front or rear quarters as his brother but of nice type.

2. Phoria's Apollo. Red. Much heavier in type and shorter in back. Head handles well. Strong neck.

Firm topline. Moved ok at rear. A little close in front.

LD. (5,1). 1. Chalfs Mr Bubbalove. Quality brindle just 2 years old. Lovely head pattern all proportions

correct, dark eye, lovely expression. Good length and width of neck. Well made

front, firm level topline and good corresponding underline. strong well made

hindquarters. Moved very well covering the ground with ease. BD and BIS.

2. Phoria's Hades JW. Another 2 year old bindle. Good head, dark eye, good masking.

Ample neck, well made front and rear. Kept a firm topline on the move and moved Well.

3. Saturnsrings Antaa.

OD. (7,4). Torreyabloom Notrthern Light. 3 year old fawn. Very typey. Goodhead pattern, dark eye, good masking. Nice length and strength of neck. Well made front. Level topline. Ample angulation to rear quarters. Tight feet. Moved well.

2. Phoria's Fatboy. Typy red. Nice head, dark eye. A little loose in flews. Ample neck. Straight fornt. Firm topline. Moved well.

MPB. (2). 1. Allwatcha Onyx.

2. Allwatcha Pebbels. Litter sisters to my BPD's. Again difficult to assess movement as they both enjoyed their day out. Just a feminine version and very feminine at that. Nice head pattern for their

age, dark eye, good expression. Well constructed with ample bone. Possibly had

the edge over their brothers on front and rear angles. Winner just behaved herself more on the move. JB. 1. Optimus Labelle. 15 months old fawn. Very typy bitch. Good head with correct proportions. Dark expresive eye. Good length of neck. Good topline and nice rear quarters. Well off for bone, neat feet. Moved soundly at rear. Just a little steep in upper arm, hence not quite the reach as

my eventual winners, but ran close.

2. Lynchspride Esmai at Roycepride. Not as feminine as winner but a good head pattern, dark eye. Strength of neck. Nice topline. Better in front than winner but not as good in rear. Although she moved well but not the drive of winner.

3. Sundabish Grace Kelly.

SYB. (2,1). 1. Oldwell Saffron. To find later she is the litter sister to my SYD and PGD

winners. Not the biggest of girls but super, super sound. Her rear action was a

joy to watch. Lovely head proportions each part flowing into the next, without

any exaggeration. Dark expressive eye. Good neck and shoulder. Straight front.

Firm level topline. Correct rear angles. Well off for bone. Neat feet and as I

said her movement front and rear was super. I'm sure she will have Ch in front

before too long. BB and RBIS.

PGB. (5,2). We are now inside and it was difficult to assess movement, the bitches did not like this floor.

1. Torreyabloom It’s No Joke. Fawn not quite 2 years. Not quite the head I was looking for but made

up for this in other departments. Dark eye. Good neck. Level topline and coped well on this floor.

2. Boust's Graya. Nice head pattern. Good arched neck. Nice width and depth of chest. Straight front. Good front. Slightly splayed feet.

3. Jaywinfield Moonlight Lady of Benzak.

LB. (8,3). 1. Achatesbay Miss Venus. Fawn. Dark eye, good masking. Nice neck and shoulder. Level topline. Good rear angles. Was not as keen of the floor.

2. Chalfs Miss Chevious. Very nice type but not as feminine as winner. Good front and rear angles. Another that found the floor undesirable.

3. Phoria's Starry Eyed JW.

OB. (6,2). 1. Chalfs Victoria's Secret. Quality bitch of good type. Nice head pattern in proportion to size. Dark eye, good masking. Well off for neck. Good front and rear angles. Straight front. Firm level topline held on the move. Although not liking this floor, her construction suggested she could move better and did so when we moved back outside.

2. Phoria's Zsa Zsa JW. 2 years old fawn. Nice head and eye. Good reach of neck. Straight front. Adequate front and rear angles. Moved ok. Dipped slightly in topline.

3. Jaynos English Rose of Allwatcha.

BRACE (3). 1. Slater.

2. Colliass.

3. Slater.

I thank the officers and committee for asking me to judge and looking after me on the day. Thanks to my stewards who had the task of holding down the paperwork and also thank you to the exhibitors for their entry and bringing along some quality dogs for me to judge. Many thanks to for the gift it will be treasured.

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