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Welsh and West of England Bullmastiff Society Open Show January 2009
Judge: Mrs Wendy Clements

Best Dog and Best in Show: Dajoxx Ce Le Vie JW

Best Bitch and Res Best in Show: Dajoxx Ticketyboo at Heriol JW

Res Best Dog: Nashbank Robin Banks

Res Best Bitch: Carefree Cariad by Tiraslee

Best Puppy in Show: Jenmore The Dictator for Totbull

Best Veteran in Show: Murbisa Escarlata at Jenbull

Veteran Dog or Bitch 2 entries
1st Murbisa Escarlata at Jenbull
2nd Troumaca Gypsy Lace at Danjay

Minor Puppy Dog 5 entries
1st Nautonier Helios
2nd Walkbynight Sampson (naf taf)
3rd Melclassics Blazing Gold of Phoria
4th Shadowguard Maximus
5th Royal Ty Ming Sun

Puppy Dog 4 entries 1 abs
1st Jenmore The Dictator for Totbull
2nd Talk of Cummer at Tiraslee
3rd Royal Ty Ming Sun

Junior Dog 3 entries 1 abs
1st Nashbank Robin Banks
2nd Astonpride Enzi

Special Yearling Dog 3 entries
1st Chelatamias English Gent
2nd Astonpride Trojen of Sarajax
3rd Joybull Sonrise at Lourdfield

Post Graduate Dog 5 entries 4 abs
1st Wyburn Wotan at Jenbull

Limit Dog 2 entries 1 abs
1st Tiraslee Cynan

Open Dog 4 entries 2abs
1st Dajoxx Ce Le Vie JW
2nd Astonpride Harrison Hawk

Minor Puppy Bitch 5 entries 2 abs
1st Maidenstock Sweet Pea
2nd Shadowguard Venus
3rd Laneberns Lovestruck For Bullcliray (naf taf)

Puppy Bitch 5 entries 2abs
1st Dajoxx Yum Yum
2nd Jaarmoel Soul Diva for Urbandream
3rd Taurleone Cristallino

Junior Bitch 8 entries 4 abs
1st Roscos Diamond Doll of Phoria JW
2nd Anneddwen Inspiration
3rd Anneddwen Illusion
4th Anneddwen Serendipity

Special Yearling Bitch 5 entries 4 abs
1st Licassa Lady Sophia
2nd Snetts Ruby Enchantment

Post Graduate 3 entries
1st Carefree Cariad by Tiraslee
2nd Roscos Hope Diamond

Limit Bitch 5 entries 1 abs
1st Dajoxx Ticketyboo at Heriol JW
2nd Bramarley Paloma of Carothan
3rd Eastern Star of Bryntaf
4th Lil Miss Lady Marmalade of Urbandream

Open Bitch 1 entry
1st Optimus Chantilly at Patchings


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