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Welsh and West of England Bullmastiff Society Open Show September 2009
Judge: Mrs Melanie Presland

Best in Show and Best Dog: Astonpride Enzi

Reserve Best in Show and Best Bitch: Rosco’s Diamond Doll of Phoria

Reserve Best Dog: CH Rodekes Woody

Reserve Best Bitch: Maidenstock Sweetpea

Best Puppy: Nashbank Gryffydd

Minor Puppy Dog 5 entries 2 abs
1. Nashbank Gryffydd
2. Hyerdunscars Notorious Edd
3. Nashbank Glyndwr

Puppy Dog 2 entries 1 abs
1. Oldwell Ike

Junior Dog 7 entries 2 abs
1. Nautonier Helios
2. Melclassics Blazing Gold For Phoria
3. Walkbynight Sampson For Bullcliray
4. Royal Ty Ming Sun
5. Ruaniall One Minute Warning

Special Yearling Dog 3 entries 1abs
1. Astonpride Enzi
2. Ruaniall One Minute Warning

Post Graduate Dog 3 entries
1. Zavieras Heart Break Kid
2. Cheltamia’s English Gent

Limit Dog 3 entries
1. Jenmore Freddie Star
2. Astonpride Harrison Hawk at Eternalpride
3. Sundabish Albert by Anderbel

Open Dog 6 entries 3 abs
1. CH Rodekes Woody
2. Astonpride Eternal Love
3. Murbisa Rocky of Allwatcha

Minor Puppy Bitch 2 entries 1 abs
1. Optimus Scarlet

Puppy Bitch 3 entries 1 abs
1. Oldwell Dorothea
2. Oldwell New Yorker

Junior Bitch 7 entries 3 abs
1. Maidenstock Sweet Pea
2. Jbzee Little Miss Mischief at Zobullea
3. Jaarmoel Soul Diva For Urbandream
4. Nautonier Eos

Special Yearling Bitch 4 entries 2abs
1. Jenmore Careless Whisper
2. Taurleone Cristallino

Post Graduate Bitch 3 entries 1abs
1. Jalanath Porsche At Rodekes
2. Joybull Just So At Zaviera

Limit Bitch 4 entries 1 abs
1. Rosco’s Diamond Doll Of Phoria JW
2. Rosco’s Hope Diamond
3. Lil Miss Lady Marmalade Of Urbandream

Open Bitch 7 Entries 5 abs
1. Brynfaw Numero Uno Via Jaynos
2. Eastern Star of Bryntaf




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